Interlude 3

The In

“Everything is going as planned,” the underling informed them.  “Phase 2 was a complete success.”

“As expected,” the Mistress said.  “How are the clubs going?”

“A few of the clubs have had unexpected and unwanted guests, but nothing that we can’t handle.  Nothing that has interfered with the clubs. The clubs attract more and more everyday. Some are useless.  Some are useful. We grow more powerful.”

“Good,” the Mistress said.  “Has anyone approached us yet for negotiations?”

“No,” the underling said.  “Most don’t realize how powerful we’ve become.  They still think we are hiding away, obeying the government laws.”

The others laughed.  “Good,” the Mistress said.  “They won’t realize how strong we’ve become until it is too late to stop us.”

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