Interlude 5 .

The In

“Mistress,” the underling said as he came into the room.

The Mistress turned away from her companions to face the underling.  “What is it?”

“A coven of witches have given us an ultimatum,” the underling said.  The corner of his lips tried to curl up in anticipation of the violence that the Mistress would bring.

The Mistress scoffed.  Her companions scoffed.  “And what is the ultimatum?”

“Stop the zombie apocalypse or they will come and destroy us all.”  He smiled blatantly now. He licked his lips. His fingers twitched in anticipation of the order the Mistress was sure to give.

The Mistress laughed, light and airy, but something menacing underneath.  Her green eyes sparked with anger. “Destroy them.”

“Yes, Mistress.  Also, Alvina has sent word that two of her vampires have abandoned her brood and might be nearby.  If we run across them, we are free to destroy them as we see fit.”

The Mistress laughed.  “The others still see us as weak.  They think they can give us orders.  They have yet to understand we now have more power than anyone, any creature or any group.  We’ll play along for now. It won’t be long until everyone will be under our rule.”

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