Interlude 7 .

The In

The underling stood in front of the Mistress and her companions.  His hands were clasped respectfully in front of him.

“Report,” the Mistress said.

“More of what is left of governments are reaching out for deals,” he said.

“Good,” the Mistress said.

“Another group of magic wielding humans has tried to destroy one of our cafes,” he said.  “This time in China. They were a larger group than the last one, more prepared and they almost succeeded.”

“But they didn’t,” the Mistress stated.

“No,” he said.  “They didn’t know ever since the last wave of magic was released that the zombies would now attack them even when they were wielding magic.  There were a lot of zombies in the area. Some of the humans escaped, but most have now joined our hordes of zombies.”

“Excellent,” the Mistress said.  “Things are progressing just as they should.  Anything else?”

“The kitsune in Japan have gathered together.  We are not sure why. We will keep our eyes on them just in case they decide to move against us.”

“Any other creatures coming together we should know about?”

“In Norway the huldra are vocalizing their displeasure with our activities and threaten action against us if we do not stop ‘stealing human souls’.”

“Afraid there won’t be any left for them?” The Mistress asked with a smirk.  “That is the goal afterall. We are to rule everyone and everything. They are too weak to stop us.  They can conform under our leadership and we will divvy out souls to them. Tell any other being with the same goals that they must also conform to our leadership.”

“Yes, Mistress.  It will be done.”

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