Interlude 9 .

Interlude 9

The underling wrung his hands together nervously as he stood next to the Mistress.  She stood tall, calm and with an expressionless face, but the underling had come to recognize the tense anger in her eyes as she looked through the scrying waters.

“How many of these large groups are gathering and do they know about each other?” she asked.  No one would know her anger from her tone.  Only her eyes showed it.

“There are at least five groups around the world that have more than 50 people.  There are several more that are almost 50 in number.  All of these groups have a mix of humans and supernatural beings.  All have some sort of magic.”  The underling shifted slightly away from her as he relayed this information.

“All of our places have already begun to converge into bigger places, right?”

“Yes,” the underling said.

“And we’ve begun gathering the zombies as well?”

“Yes, all is in order.”

She smiled, but the intensity didn’t leave her eyes.  “Good,” she said.  “We should be able to move to the third and final stage soon.”

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